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Sanitary ware Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters

Flamingo is over a decade old household brand name of the quality sanitary ware manufactured by Lombards Private Limited and marketed by Alco Company Private Limited, who are one of the leading sanitary ware manufacturers, importers and exporters. The array of sanitary ware products offered Flamingo comes in multitudes of colors, sizes and quality counts.

Zero defect sanitary ware products

At Flamingo we follow total quality management principle, which is replicated, in our wide range of high quality sanitary ware products. Every employee at Flamingo aims at producing zero defect products by getting things right the very first time and every time. Our sanitary ware products like bathtubs, shower trays, Jacuzzis, shower enclosures, wash basins and other washroom fittings have established their niche on the platforms of design and utility.

Preeminent services accompanied with the supply of sanitary ware products

To exceed customer expectations is our main goal. Our quality is not only restricted to our sanitary ware products but is also embedded in our services. We offer our customers guaranteed Just-In time delivery service. As a sanitary ware manufacturer, exporter & importer, we are able to offer our clients wide range of sanitary ware products and fittings at competitive rates.

The efficient and reliable service extended by our expertise has enabled Flamingo to penetrate as well as pilot the competitive sanitary ware manufacturers, exporters and importers society.

Flamingo - one stop solution for sanitary ware products

Make Flamingo your one-stop on-line source for a wide range of quality sanitary ware and sanitary ware fittings. Simply reach us with all your queries relating to sanitary ware order(s) via email and we will provide you with a solution based on competitive prices, high quality and on-time delivery.

Our acrylic sanitary ware and sanitary ware fittings can turn even the smallest, mundane bathrooms into luxurious havens.

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