Metallic Shower Panels :

Do you want to experience the sensation of being under a waterfall? Try out our metallic shower panel. At Flamingo with our quality assured metallic shower panel we get you waterfall right in your very own bathroom. Flamingo offers you metallic shower panels for an eventful showering experience.

Easy to fit metallic shower panels

Flamingo shower panels are friendly to you and your bathroom. The shower panels can be easily accommodated in your bathroom because they can be fitted very easily. The shower panel displays a striking metal column fitted with mirror and a head shower. You get a choice of 2 to 8 body shower jets.

Quality shower panels

Genuine quality speaks for itself. Flamingo is over a decade old household brand name of the quality sanitary ware manufactured by Lombards Private Limited and marketed by Alco Company Private Limited. All Flamingo products and processes are technologically most modern and up to date. You can bank on our metallic shower panels for quality. We at Flamingo believe in customer service and hence you can rely on us for effective after sale service. Appropriate maintenance and in-situ buffing and polishing of your shower panel will increase its life and with years passing by it will still look new. Whenever you buy Flamingo metallic shower panel, check out our Flamingo hologram, to be convinced, that you have purchased the right product.

Continue your journey on our site at and check out our catalog for an assortment of metallic shower panels. You can opt for the metallic shower panel that suits the best in your bathroom. In case you are unable to decide we will assist you in making your choice.

For the most stimulating showering experience indulge in a revitalizing bathing experience with metallic shower panels from Flamingo.

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