Washroom Fittings :

All Flamingo Acrylic washroom sanitary ware and washroom fittings are marketed with holograms, the seals for originality and genuine quality products. Procure your designer washroom sanitary ware and sanitary ware fittings from flamingo-sanitaryware.com and make your washroom the envy of every eye.

Variety of washroom fittings and products

At Flamingo we display an array of washroom sanitary ware and sanitary ware fittings of the best quality, durable material and the finest finish. We offer you washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, shower panels, Jacuzzis, shower enclosures and many other varieties of washroom products. Our graceful washroom fittings are manufactured from the finest quality of acrylic sheets and are reinforced with fibreglass. Flamingo acrylic sanitary ware is available in endless attractive colors with high gloss finish which can be preserved easily, resulting in a negligible maintenance cost. Surface hardness of acrylic is the same as that of Aluminum, so it will not chip, crack or graze easily. Flamingo acrylic sanitary ware products are practically scratch-proof and resistant to water at boiling-hot or ice-cold temperatures.

Flamingo is the brand name of designer sanitary ware and washroom fittings offering you a wide choice to select from. Our washroom sanitary ware can easily be accommodated with your existing washroom accessories.

On-time delivery of sanitary ware and washroom fittings

All Flamingo Products are marketed with Flamingo hologram to ensure that our customers are assured of the products being original and of genuine quality. So when you choose your flamingo sanitary ware or washroom fittings, be sure to check the Flamingo hologram. You can have a look at our variety of sanitary ware and washroom fittings by browsing through our online catalog at flamingo-sanitaryware.com or visit our live display show-room at 556 N. M. Joshi Marg, Byculla (W), Mumbai 400 011. All Flamingo sanitary ware products are backed by rapid and competent after sales service which also includes in-situ buffing and polishing service. When it comes to quality and impeccable after sales service there is no looking back - it is only Flamingo who can cater to all your sanitary ware needs.

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